Finally Harris by Mark Soriano

My friends Donald and Sheriene got married on September 16, 2016 at the Great Room at Savage Mill in Savage, MD.

The day before the wedding, I was asked by Donald, the groom, if I could get some pictures of him and his groomsmen because their photographer wasn't available to cover that part of their wedding day. I was flattered and very excited to capture a part of their big day.

When I arrived at the hotel the groom wasn't there and neither were his groomsmen, so I ended up getting some shots of the bride getting her make up done. With 6 bridesmaids and her mother getting ready it made for a really cramped space. It was mid-day so the light outside was really harsh but the window and curtains made a nice diffuser it made the light inside the room nice and soft. While waiting for the groom I stayed with the bride and took some detail shots.

When I got word that Donald was arriving I made my way 2 floors down to where the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready. First thing Donald did was pass out his gifts to his groomsmen. He got all of them custom leather wallets with their nicknames engraved on them and they were all really happy with their gifts. 

As soon as the gifts were passed out, Donald and his men started getting dressed. 

When Donald was getting ready to put his shoes on, I asked him if he could do that next to the window sitting on the chair which had great light coming in. With all the commotion going on with all the other guys getting ready, I wanted to make sure I captured shots just focusing on Donald. 

Now at this point, it started getting really hectic. Although I was there to capture the groom getting ready, I was getting calls from my wife who was a bridesmaid to come back up to the bride's room to get some shots of her getting her make-up done.

Then it was right back down to Donald's room where one of his oldest brothers was helping him put his jacket on. These were some shots that I had in my head and I really wanted to make sure I was there to snap those photos. Once he was finished, I asked for his other brother to come over for some group shots.

Once everyone was ready it was time to pop bottles! A little fact about Donald is that he does not drink alcohol but this was a special occasion so a little champagne was due.

I had to get one of me in there too.

Afterwards, I went back up to the bride's room to see what was going. When I got there everyone was pretty much ready. All of the bridesmaids were just lounging around and taking selfies haha. After 20 mins or so, it was time to head down to the venue. The bridesmaids were carrying her dress down the hallway and one of them made a great suggestion and told me to capture that moment and it turned out great!

When it came time to the actual wedding, I decided to leave my camera behind and let the hired photographer do their thing. This was a wedding where I wanted to stay in the moment and celebrate 2 of my good friends getting married. 

We had all stayed in the hotel near the venue that night. The next morning Sheriene realized we didn't get pictures of her dress so I asked her to bring her dress in so I could take some detailed shots.