Favorite Pictures from 2016 by Mark Soriano

I originally wanted to call this post 'My Top 10 Pictures from 2016' but it was too hard pick exactly 10, and even then it was hard to pick my favorites. Photography wise, 2016 was a big year for me because it's the year that I got back into photography and also it's the year that I bought my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

I'm really excited for 2017! I'm hoping to book more events and photo shoots, but mostly I want to just get out  and shoot more. 

Lee Family Photo Shoot by Mark Soriano

I really had a blast photographing the Lee family! We did the shoot at their house in Baltimore, MD on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Even though it was pretty cold, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the overcast day providing nice and even light all around, and they wanted a few outdoor shots.

After finishing the outdoor shots, we went inside for the rest of the session. We set up a couch against one of their back walls. During our shoot, the Ravens were 15 minutes away playing the Eagles at M&T Bank Stadium. As I was setting up my lighting, the Lees being avid Raven fans were getting into the game as it played on TV. I took this opportunity to take some natural shots of the family in their element.

As the game ended, we continued our shoot with a few poses. I was able to catch a great moment when asking the boys to kiss their mom on the cheek!  I was so happy that I was able to give this family pictures that they can cherish forever and share with their loved ones.

Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to shooting much more in 2017!