Carmelita's Maternity Shoot by Mark Soriano

Carmelita is my sister-in-law and she is expecting her first child in a couple months and wanted to have a maternity shoot. We chose to take the photos at my mother-in-law's home. She was thoughtful enough to basically clear out her living room so that we had ample space to shoot.

There was a little bit of snow the night before, so it was quite cold and icy on the ground. Despite this fact, we did want to take a few photos outside. After carefully making it out back on the deck, we were able to take few shots out there. It was super pretty outside with just the thinnest layer of ice on the ground.

We ended the shoot back inside with a change in outfit. Carmelita wanted a very sporty and comfortable look. I couldn't resist jumping in on the fun. After getting into photography almost 10 years ago, I noticed that there were nice photos of everyone I knew except myself, so I figured I'd start ensuring I was in at least one haha!

My wife and I are very excited to meet the newest addition to the family, our neice Reign.

Bianca and Dave's Maternity Shoot by Mark Soriano

My friends Bianca and Dave are due to have their first baby in a couple months and they wanted me to take some pictures and I was very excited when they asked me. We did the shoot at our friends' house in Virginia. 

While Bianca was putting on her outfit, I decided to have a little fun with Dave and teach him how to create a nice jawline for portraits a la Peter Hurley. He could've had his forehead down and out a bit more haha. It started the shoot off with a fun vibe and many jokes came from that for the rest of the day!

My thought process was to get wide, medium, and close shots and that's pretty much my goals for every shoot whether it be portraits, events, or any situation. From what Bianca told me, she just wanted some "chill shots" so I was thinking mainly natural light and maybe throwing in some shots with a speed light to give them some variation. 

We also wanted to go outside for some outdoor portraits, but unfortunately it was really cold that day.

Then I setup my FL-600R off camera, shooting through a 43 in Westcott Umbrella for these next shots. During this set of photos I really wanted to show their personality and both Dave and Bianca are hilarious. No matter the topic they will have you laughing.

To finish off our shoot, we decided to get a bit more creative and festive giving the holiday season we are in. With some Christmas lights we wrapped it around Bianca's belly and created some cool shots in my opinion.

Congrats Bianca and Dave! Can't wait to meet the little one :)