Still Life by Mark Soriano

Quarter + Glory

I intend to post up a blog at least every other week but it just hasn't been the case. I've been busy with photo gigs as being swamped with my other job. You may have noticed that I've added a new page to my portfolio, Still Life if not please check it out!

I never anticipated that I'd be hired for still life photography but it is something that I've been doing more regularly, mostly at local bars around Washington D.C. shooting their cocktails and food menu items.

I remember when I first got into photography almost 10 years ago I would always shoot objects whether it be a drink, my food, a flower, or anything really. 

As I started to develop my photography skills, for whatever reason I stopped taking photos of inanimate objects and focused more on people. I felt there was more emotion felt through photos of people because we can see the emotion on their face, we can read their body language, and we can relate better to people. I guess I didn't think that way about still life, but I was wrong.

When done right, still life photography will evoke true emotion.  Photos of food and drinks will make you hungry or thirsty. #foodporn

Quarter + Glory