Christmas 2016 by Mark Soriano

My wife's family's tradition is to have celebrate Christmas Eve with dinner and wait till midnight to open presents. The night started off with games followed by dinner and then more games! 

The first game required everyone to place a paper plate on top of their head while they were told to draw a scene on the plate without looking at it. Momma in law came out on top! The pictures that were drawn were quite interesting lol. The objective of the next game was to place a gingerbread cookie on your forehead and maneuver it down to your mouth just using your facial muscles. The last game before dinner was a memory. You had 6 seconds to look have a look at 15 items on a table and then write down as many items as you could remember.

When we had arrived to my wife's abuela's house we were already starving. I don't think I had eaten anything that day. My wife's abuela is from Nicaragua and she can throw down in the kitchen! We didn't have the typical Christmas dinner fixings, instead we had some spanish rice, tamales, roast beef, and a bunch of other tasty foods.

As I mentioned, I was super hungry so when the food came out. I put the camera away and chowed down. So unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of the food we were feasting on. And after dinner it was more games and family photos.

We spent the rest of the time just chatting and spending time with each other. And before we knew it, it was midnight and it was time to open presents!

I hope you all had a happy holiday!